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Children’s Art Competition Gallery

Browse all of the amazing artwork submitted to our competition and see the winners for each category!

Category: 4-7 years

1st Prize

Changying Qi

The War’: They have big fight. 

2nd Prize


‘Superbug the Super Villain’: This is Superbug. It isn’t a goody it is a bad guy. It so super strong it is difficult to kill even with special medicines. 

3rd Place

Jack Gwynne

‘MRSA The Superbug’: Traditional antibiotics struggle to cope with the superbug MRSA so it’s best to use antibiotics wisely. 

Other entries


‘SUPERBUG THE INVADER’: This is a super virus  that came from outer space. It came here on an alien spaceship. 

Jacob Green

‘Bad guy circle of germs’: Some germs are good same are bad. I’ve drawn bad germs that make me cough! 

Category: 7-11 years

Joint 1st Prize

Lily Rushton

‘Playdough Superbugs attack antibiotics!’: I have made big superbugs out of playdough that are biting antibiotics. Small bacteria in all shapes and sizes. A petri dish full of agar jelly with yellow bacteria growing around white antibiotics disks. Two antibiotics have killed it but one hasn’t worked. 

Joint 1st Prize


‘Bobbol’s guide to washing your hands properly’: Bobbol is a superbug and he is going to show you how to decrease the spreading of viruses by washing your hands properly.

Joint 2nd Prize


‘The Pirate Superbugs’: Horrible bacteria became pirates and now they are roaming the seas of the body causing infections. Antibiotic police is not scaring them anymore. They get easily defeated by the pirate superbugs. Arrre you careful with antibiotics? 

Joint 2nd Prize


‘The Chosen One’: It shows two characters, a superbug (evil one), and an antimicrobial (good one) fighting the other. 

Joint 3rd Prize


‘Wash your hands!’: Poster made with collage of images of bacteria and the message ‘Wash your hands’. 

Joint 3rd Prize

Natalia Rad

‘Super Soap and the power of prevention’: My drawing represents the immense power of prevention and prophylaxis, but in a more playful and colourful way; the person you can only see the back of is a superhero that exhibits the power and capabilities of medicine and antisepsis, it is shooting bubbles and soap from its hand and zapping it to the bacteria monsters, trying to extinguish their abilities of multiplication and hence fending off a septic environment in which disease could thrive. They’re surprised and most probably offended and possibly scared, as Super Soap is diluting their powers through antisepsis. 

Highly Commended

Max Stapleton

‘The Superbugs Attack!’: Their main goal is to defeat the Megabug which is spawning superbugs with weapons.  The antibiotics have defeated one Superbug, but needs the help of the public to overcome the Superbug resistance! 

Other entries

Matylda Kraterska

‘Germs’: I have drawn a girl in a bubble which is providing security and protection for a germs trying to get in to her. 


‘Bugs on fire’: I wanted to do it because I like making art and I like science. This is a comic-collage about superbugs and antibiotics. 

Nia Ford

‘The Bug’: The Bug is bad! The Bug is called Bug. The Bug can make you ill and can kill you! We need to be careful of The Bug. The Bug has long eyelashes but they are just to surprise you. 

Dinis Camacho

‘Superbug comic’: Comic strip of why we need to wash our hands and how it can help stop the spread of superbugs. 

Mairwen Camacho 

‘Superbug’: I made the superbug with a cape so it looked like a villain that we could destroy by washing our hand. 

Eleanor Mary Giles

‘How to kill a killer bug’: My art work shows a super bug who things it’s super powers can defeat the world’s immune bugs. But my immune bugs are the really super hero’s preventing and  over power the killer bug. 

Isla Rushton

‘Stop superbugs!’: It’s a comic about stopping superbugs and using antibiotics properly. 

Bessie Bristow-Bailey

‘GERMS’: Lots of objects covered in germs.


‘Superbugs V.s Antibiotics’: A picture featuring antibiotics and superbugs, telling you to not take them when you don’t need to. 

Freya Watson

‘Live a germ free life!’: My picture is of a blue bacteria holding antimicrobial pills and telling others to “wash your hands, keep safe today!” and I am very proud of my art work. 


How to not spread germs’: My artwork shows how to avoid getting bugs and how to keep healthy. 


‘It’s Raining Health!’: This is a mixture of art and science because of the paint palette and the vaccine and it is raining pills behind it. 


‘Help yourselves!’: It is artwork that can change the future.


‘Stay Hygienic’: My picture is of a hand washing away infections to stay hygienic. 

Suvira Singh Kuntal

‘Superbug and antibiotic resistance’: We  can’t see bugs with our bare eyes so we need a microscope to see it. We use antibiotics to fight evil bugs, but because the bugs have grown stronger over the years the antibiotics can’t destroy the bugs who now become more powerful and mighty and called Superbug. So we should choose our antibiotics wisely the ones who can destroy the Superbugs. 

Beatrice Wilson

‘Medicine kills germs’: My artwork shows that medicines can help kill bugs. My bugs are scared of the medicine being dished out!!! 


‘Buggie Bubble Toil and Trouble’: This is about how we fight superbugs and keep our planet safe doing it. 


‘Germs in Action!’: A battle between good and bad germs, a battle that’s under the microscope. 

Manya Berry 

‘Prevention is better than cure’: Improve understanding of antibiotics. 

Noah Ware

‘Immunity cells’: I chose to draw my favourite cells. I find these cells interesting and enjoy learning about them. My favourite cell is the neutrophil because it explodes! My New Years resolution was to do more drawing so this competition was perfect for me. I used holographic paper and vibrant colours to make my art work POP. 


‘Wash your hands’: I hope this encourages everyone to wash their hands and take the advice of scientists and doctors. They are trying to keep us healthy and safe. 


‘The germ invasion’: It is a comic strip about germs multiplying in a body but an antimicrobial defeats them. 

Roma Badrashi Loddo

‘Never fear, superbugs are here!’: This is a cartoon picture of 3 super bugs/ antimicrobials each with a different ‘weapon’ against germs, with germs running away from them in the background. 


‘Super Splodge!!’: Super Splodge is helping a little girl who has hurt her knee to wash her hands before she has the medicine to make her knee better. 

Category: 11-14 years

1st Prize


‘Superbug V.S. Antibiotics’: It is a stop motion of a superbug and Antibiotics

2nd Prize

Yuhan Zhang

‘Antibiotics vs Superbugs’: Antibiotic pills defeat superbugs in a battle. 

3rd Prize

Sara Khalid

‘Awesome Antibiotics’: My artwork represents a team of super-bugs as the poster instructs. I wanted to show people about how to use antibiotics safely. My artwork shows on using penicillin in particular, because it’s the one medicine that people make mistakes with. This artwork is dedicated to Usman Khalid. 

Other entries

Zinat Rahman

‘Eyesore’: This piece of artwork is showing how getting vaccinated in 2022 is very important because of the current pandemic that has caused a lot of stress for many of us. I want to spread social awareness for people about how bad the pandemic is actually getting even though we are 3 years into it. I hope I can spread more important information on this topic. 

Zinat Rahman

‘Bugs and bugs’: This is a piece of art that represents covid-19 and the pandemic and how it has caused us many difficulties in our daily lives. We had to make a lot of changes in daily life, which caused us a lot of problems, but all together we managed three years, although the covid-19 has not completely disappeared, we still stick together. 

Farbez Miah

‘Simplistic Bacteria Poster’: It is a simple and short read poster that can appeal the eye which will emphasise to use medication safely and to keep cleansed of bacteria. It isn’t into detail as it may become too crowded. 

Lekha Gangapalli

‘Antibiotics Week!’: My artwork is about using Antibiotics to fight off bad bacteria and using Antibiotics responsibly and if prescribed.

Ava Holdsworth

‘Covid Criminal’: My artwork is about Covid as a human creature. It’s in jail because of how much death it caused and the little virus floating around are symbolizing that it can spread there being in contact with someone who has it. 

Rosenwyn Penfold

‘Miss Super Bug’: Fluffy virus type thing, has gems across its centre 

Category: 14-16 years

1st Prize

Bhavneet Ghuman

‘Run’: My artwork was is a coloured pencil drawing inspired by lockdown and shows the fear Corona virus instilled in us. The circular sucker like features of the monster are supposed to be reminiscent of the virus. The super bug is chasing two men, one that holds hand sanitizer and the other is holding a mop. These two people represent society’s terrified reaction to the bug despite their best efforts to destroy it.