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Sci-Art Inspiration

Here are examples of art, artists and exhibitions exploring microbiology and science topics.

Click on the pictures to visit the websites for more information.


Anna Dumitriu

Rogan Brown

Aimee Lax

Melissa Fisher

Bev Hisey

Luke Jerram

Zachary Copfer

Tal Danino

Dasha Plesen


Researching Resistance photography exhibition (collaboration between artist Simon Ryder and the University of Exeter’s AMR network)

Gut instinct: Art, Design and Microbiome (online exhibition)

Superbugs: The Fight for our Lives (exhibition at the Science Museum)

Menagerie of Microbes exhibition as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2016

Wellcome Collection (exhibitions connecting science, medicine, life and art)

Invisible You: Art and Microbiology at the Eden Project

Microbiology-Art Competitions

American Society for Microbiology

Agar Art contest

Federation of European Microbiological Societies

Microbe Art Competition

Other interesting things!

  • ART THE SCIENCE article about microbiology-inspired SciArt

  • An imdb page with examples of films with microbiology and science themes

  • Coccus Pocus, a microbiology-inspired scary story competition

Dr Dirt, a simulation game from Game Doctor and the Hoskisson Lab on antibiotic discovery

Play the game here!